Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I thought I would post a couple more pics of Henley on her first birthday. Be glad I am not posting the pic of her and her floaters in the tub. I am glad she waited until she was a year old to poop in the tub. Luckily for me, it happened on a Sunday morning before church. (that's Adam's dayto give her a bath.....hahaha!!!!)

These pics are taken at our house with her madame alexander doll with matching outfit that her granny made her. It is just precious!


Henley's 1st Birthday!

Well, we celebrated Henley's first birthday last night at her MawMaw's house, because we have yet to move our living room furniture into our house. The party went pretty well considering it started an hour before her normal bed time. She had an Alabama birthday party. Adam and I decided we were in control of the theme until she was old enough to say "I want a princess cake". No gifts scared her to death like we were expecting. She was terrified of her birthday cake though. She just looked at it until Adam stuck her hand in it and then she started screaming bloody murder. She made us so proud!!!! My brother says that just proved that she was an Auburn fan. nah!