Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Santa Claus came to our house...

This was after Santa Claus came down our chimney! Henley was so excited to see everything under the tree!
Harper was a sick baby sister. She threw up a few times....I think she had a touch of Henley's stomach virus she had the week before.

Henley and her big girl bicycle! Big heads run in the family.....She has yet to hit the concrete outside because we haven't gotten her a new helmet. She rides all over the inside and is pretty out!

Harper got to watch her big sis open all of her presents....not too excited though because she wasn't feeling so hot.

Harper has started eating baby food and she loves it. This was her first jar of you can see....she is loving it. Between every bite she just smacks on her fingers hence the reason she has it all over her face. Too too cute.

Monday, December 21, 2009

I sure am blessed with 2 beautiful girls...

I took a few pictures of the girls before church yesterday morning in their Christmas dresses....they should just melt your heart. So happy that Little Miss Henley is feeling better. She got sick and was throwing up for 6 hours straight Thursday night. It was so sad!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Monday, December 14, 2009

a few updated pictures...

Henley cheesing it up playing in the snow for like maybe 5 minutes. We didnt have much time before we had to be at the mall to have our picture made with Santa.
Check out these big blue eyes and all those rolls in that arm....just too precious. I was actually at home this saturday so I set up a little photo shoot with harper.
Of coures....big sis wanted to be naked like harper too. I know she's three and to old for naked pictures but whatever makes her happy.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas cards have been mailed....

So I actually wanted to post our family Christmas card this year but I can't seem to save it or copy and paste it from the website. grrr....S T U P I D copy rights. I had to spell that word out because I have a three year old that soaks in every single word you say. She is listening when you would never imagine she is. I have started spelling everything out of habit.....I actually spelled out the word butt the other day at work....I need to stop. Anywho, back to what I originally sat down to blog about. Below are the pictures that were used on our Christmas card. Sorry you dont get to see the real thing. It sure is cute though!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Happy Turkey Day...lets get ready for Christmas

These never post the way i want them to, so start at the bottom of this post.

As soon as we got home from the lake.....we immediately went to Lowes bought our real tree for the year and came home and decorated the house for Christmas. I love Christmas....just wish I had some money to spend. The picture above was taken right before bed....thanks Granny for their Christmas pj's!
The picture above was taken Thanksgiving Day before going to Adam's parents house! Poor Harper she has her second double ear infection!

The pic above is my side of the family that we spent the weekend at Lake Guntersville with. We rented a huge house that had lots of stuff to entertain us. I'm talking playground, swiming pool, hot tub, ping pong, canoe, foosball, putting green, basketball court, and tons of board games. We had so much fun.....I hope we start making this a Thanksgiving tradition. I feel I need to mention that we played a basketball tournament and I actually scored 6 points....haha! The only small disaster we had was Henley falling in the swimming pool. Dont had a cover on it but for some reason she thought she could just walk out there and get the ping pong ball. She was freaked out, but Cheyenne saved her from getting too wet. She only was wet from the waist down.