Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Take me out to the ballgame....

Many people are against us starting Henley playing ball. I am so excited about it and so is she. She did fairly well for a 2 yr old, but I am not going to lie, she will probably be riding the pine a pretty good bit...hahaha! We have a lot to work on to say the least. There are so many funny stories to tell....i would be writing a book if i mentioned them all. Here are some pictures from her first day at practice!
Also, I went to the doctor yesterday and had to have an ultrasound.....still too early to be positive if its a boy or girl. There was a little something sticking out between the legs though. haha! I go back April 6th for another one to be positive.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Let it SNOW!!!

The family pic in the snow. Nice straw hat, Adam!
This is me being an idiot playing in the snow. I was trying to entertain Adam!

The snow on Sunday was so much fun. Henley was so excited because it was snowing and she thought that meant Santa Claus was coming. How funny! Below is Henley throwing a snowball at Mommy.

After playing in the snow and napping for a while, we went to Adam's parents house and spent the evening with the fam. Alana, Natalie, and Eli were there as well. yes, I said Natalie! She actually participated in a family gathering! I think she started to miss us....haha!