Thursday, August 27, 2009

Harper Leslie is here....

Harper Leslie is here. She was born Friday at 12:57pm. She was a little chunky monkey just like I expected. She weighed a whopping 9lbs. 80z. and was 21 inches long! She didnt really look that big but that is what the scale read. haha!

Big Sister Henley just loves her and is always wanting to help!

By this point I was ready to get up and walk out of the hospital. I felt great. A planned C-Section is the way to go. I even got released a day early from the hospital! I was so happy to be home.

Just had to post the pic of her chubby cheeks. I know the pic is a little gross, but i love the cheeks. I will post more and give more details when i have a little more time. Gotta go for now. Thanks for all of your prayers!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

wow.....its getting really close

Tomorrow is my last official day of work for 9 weeks. I am so excited about this!
I will have the first part of next week to myself to get everything perfect for Harper's arrival.
I did go to the doctor this week and had lost a little more weight but my doctor wasn't concerned at all. He said and I quote " I am not worried about your weight, this baby is enormous" Sort of scary I know. I just pray she is healthy....that is all I care about. I am still predicting she will weigh about 9lb 4oz! I am so excited to meet Harper and see what color hair she has. I dont know why that is such a huge deal to me, but its killing me not knowing if she is going to be red headed or not. I guess because....every single day somebody makes a comment about how beautiful Henley's hair is and I am just afraid Harper will have boring brown hair and will never get comments like that. I know...I know....its crazy!

Please keep us in your prayers for next Friday!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The date is set....

Well the date is finally set. Harper Leslie will be joining us on Friday, August 21st around 12:30!
My prediction is she will weigh a whopping 9lbs 4oz when she gets here. Alana is guessing 9lbs 7oz. Anyone else want to make a prediction?

I will be perfectly okay with her coming on her own earlier but please pray that my water doesn't break in pulic....that is a huge fear of mine!

Monday, August 3, 2009

The nursery is complete!

This is all the girls! Thanks so much for being such wonderful friends....i love you all!

I must give props to all the peps that contributed to the room decor. Adams mom made the curtain, basket liners, and pillow. Adam hand crafted the letters on the wall. I painted the canvas pictures hanging on the wall. I know one is better than the other was getting really late one night while I was painting them.

Eli is so stinking cute. I couldn't resist not putting this pic up. Henley wouldn't be still long enough to get a good pic of her.

Well, I had a very long weekend. I was so tired.....not to mention swollen feet. Yes, I had cankles this weekend. Joys of being pregnant. It started on Thursday night when a group of people from church gave me a small shower. (I carried Henley and that is what wore me out) Friday we celebrated Adam's Dad's 60th birthday. On Saturday, my wonderful friends gave me a small baby shower and it was perfect. I got so many cute things. After the shower, my helpers with decorating came over and we pretty much finished up the nursery. The only thing I like doing is painting the table that the lamp is sitting on. I just didnt have it in me this weekend. haha!

Oh and no the doctors office still hasn't called to confirm the date and time. I go first thing in the morning so I will be sure not to leave until i have CONFIRMATION!