Saturday, June 14, 2008

Wow! We havent updated in while.

Nothing much has been going on with us. We have been enjoying our summer spending time at the lake mostly. I also made a trip to Alabama adventure for the first time with Henley. She loved it to say the least. The only trial we are currently facing is keeping Henley in her baby bed. I put her down for a nap one day and she refused to sleep. Of course she was crying, and I normally just let her cry. For some reason I went to check on her, my motherly instinct i guess. She was sitting and smiling straddling the side of her baby bed. It scared me to death. We thought it scared her too. A week later she tried again and fell out onto our hardwood floors. She didn't cry too long so she must have hit the cozy nursery chair on the way down. After trying lots of different options we have now taken the springs out of the baby bed and now her mattress sits on the floor inside of her baby bed. It looks like she is in jail! Whatever works I guess! Anyway, I just thought I would give you a little update on us.