Tuesday, April 20, 2010

no matter how much I try...

Seriously, I can NEVER get these pictures to post in the order that I want to. Anywho, over the weekend I did a couple of photo shoots and tried to get some good pictures for mother's day presents....it's just around the corner! Anyway, below is Natalie, our 16yr old niece that we never see. I got a couple of her before she got in her car and drove away....so scary! She is beautiful and looks just like her mommy!

This picture was taken for Adam's mom. Not great but wow, have you ever tried to get a picture of 3 small kids before....let me rephrase that....3 small red headed kids. (At least they aren't crying or throwing grass on each other)
This one is for my mom.....i think she will LOVE it! Cheyenne and Kev are getting so big. I just love them to death!

Now to Harper....she is 8 months old and getting ready to crawl. She's not crawling just yet but she is on the move....she finds alternate ways of transportation. As most of you probably know...she has battled ear infections since about 2 months old.....well after tubes and 2 cultures taken of the drainage...they think they have it figured out. She is a yeast producer and producing yeast in her ears. So for the past 6 months, we have been fueling the ear infections by giving her antibiotics and antibiotic drops in her ears. We have taken her off of everything and now dropping lotromin (sp?) drops in her ears. Just a side note....$3.00 over the counter....don't even want to begin saying how much we have spent on medication. We are praying this will solve her problem. Anyway, below are pictures of my baby girls at the Magnolia Festival. We had so much fun.

Pony Rides....she loved them

Henley amazed me riding the ponies, all the carnival rides, and even catching a catfish in the catfish tank. She was so funny. She asked us if she could come back another day and do all of that.
Also, I will be taking pictures soon of her and her new to her swing set. My brother called and said Cheyenne had agreed to give the girls her swing set if we wanted to come get it. I was like "Heck yeah" I mean its a Rainbow Swing Set for those of you with kids. She thinks its the best thing in the world. She goes to sleep talking about it and wakes up talking about it. Its just too funny!

Monday, April 5, 2010

2 times in one day...i am proud of myself!

okay, I made two new posts today. (this makes 3) Make sure you see both of them! I hope everyone has a great week!

Easter weekend is over....I'm exhausted!

The 3 little red headed easter bunnies! Aren't they just adorable?
Of course the family pic before church....and yes we were late because of me wanting a picture
My two little baby girls

Eli was just happy to be outside!

All the kiddos at my moms house. They all are getting so big. I can't believe Grayson and Cheyenne are teenagers. Wow, I am getting old

All the kids at Adam's Granny's house. (minus Mary Glynn, Grayson, and Eli) I told you Eli was just happy to be outside. They are checking out what they got in their eggs. I think Annabel loved the eggs with CHOCOLATE....haha!

One of my favorite pics from the Day. Harper and her Grandaddy! She just loves him!

7 month photo shoot with Mommy!

This was a last minute photo shoot where I threw a bow in her hair and grabbed the camera. I think they turned out pretty stinking cute. She is getting so big. She is almost 20lbs now. Can we say chunky monkey!!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Live Bunny pictures...

As you can tell from the below pictures, Henley is not crazy about getting her picture made, unless Mommy is taking it. HAHA! She gets a little freaked out. She did love the bunnies even though it doesn't show. She talked about them for days. I hope everyone has a Happy Easter and remember what Easter is all about.