Monday, January 25, 2010

finally a few updated pictures

This baby girl loves her older sister. No matter what she does to her, Harper just is so sweet!
gotta love these big blue eyes and big bow that is almost bigger than her peanut head!

This was at a birthday party for their twin cousins.....they had so much fun playing on all the gymnastics mats.

Harper even played on the mats a little!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

let's start 2010 over again please...

I can't even really explain what has went on with us in the past week. I will start by saying that I love my husband....he is my rock....he is what holds this family together. him and his two cousins all went on a road trip to PASADENA (roll tide roll). He was gone for 7 days....yes 7 people. We haven't been apart that long since the day we met. So, it was just me and the girls for 7 days. I was so worried because Henley can really be a handful some times. Much to my surprise....Henley was just an angel. She wanted me to play with her every minute of the day and since that was a personal new years resolution of mine....I played a lot more than I ever have before. (I just left my house dirty for a while) Well now for the reason I want to start this year over. Monday Harper started throwing up. I didnt know what to do....I just started praying because usually Adam helps me with stuff like this. Henley was feaking out and didnt really know how to help me. I called the in-laws to bring the pedialyte and carry Henley home with them for the night. It was a long night....she threw up for 6 hours. Of course I couldn't work Tuesday because I had been up all night long. To make a long story really short.....Harper threw up Monday...Wednesday....Friday.....Sunday! See a pattern....Isn't that weird? Needless to say....its been a heck of a week....I only worked 1 full day last week. Don't you wish you were getting that paycheck? Daddy made it home safe last night and we are so happy to have him back. I will post some of his pictures soon! I am starting my new year today! Happy 2010!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

bring on 2010...

We had a small New Year's party at Adam's parents house. We had lots of yummy finger foods. We may have not lasted until 12:00 like most party goers, but we had a good time!
Henley wasn't scared of the fireworks at all this year....she loved the little "blow thingy" as she called it. Aubrie....she probably didnt love it as much!

A Special thanks to all of these guys....they came outside to participate in the fireworks (or so we thought) I guess they were just there to make sure Adam and I didnt catch anything on fire.

My niece spent the evening with us as well because she didnt get a invite to her parents party. I told her I still loved her. Isn't she just beautiful?

Above is Eli and Reagan partying it up.....Eli was pretty much a walking zombie the whole party but he sure was a trooper!

Henley and her Granny (favorite person in the world)