Tuesday, July 28, 2009

6lbs. 12oz. and 3 weeks to go!

The ultrasound showed us today that Harper is weighing a whopping 6lbs and 12 oz. That is almost 7 pounds and I have 3 more weeks to go. He will be scheduling my c-section at 38 weeks! He said we are shooting for August 17th but he will have a nurse call and confirm the date and time after she checks the schedule.

The nurse today also switched it over to the 4D ultrasound so we could get a better look at her. Oh my......it looks like she is storing a golf ball in each cheek! They are so chubby and sweet. She looks a lot like Henley to me from the ultrasound. I dont think she is going to have as much hair as Henley did, but we will see. I tried to upload the pics that I scanned but it would not work. Sorry! Keep us in your prayers.....3 weeks is just a skip and a hop away!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Harper Leslie update...

Well I think Harper is ready to come out and meet her mommy, daddy, and big sister. Every time she moves, I want to cry. I feel like she has nowhere to go. haha! I went to the Doctor last week and he told me my stomach was measuring 36 weeks when I was only 33 weeks. Can we say big baby?? I go Tuesday for my ultrasound and for Dr. Stone to schedule the C-section. Oh I am so excited!!!! I am so ready not to be pregnant anymore! We almost have the room finished so I can post some pictures.

What's going on in Henley's world......Well one of her two fish committed suicide the other night while in a smaller bowl because her big bowl was leaking. Being sneaky parents that we are....had her a new fish bowl and put the 1 fish back in her room on the night stand hoping she wouldnt even notice. What were we thinking? Yesterday evening she noticed her new fish bowl and also noticed there was only one fish in there. She wanted to know where it went! She is currently waiting on it to come back home. She thinks it ran away like our black dog Vestal. Thank goodness she wasn't upset about the fish. She was just so funny talking about it running away. haha!

One more funny story....Henley is taking a bath....Adam has to go peepee....he swears his back was to her and she says "Daddy your hiney (spelling?) looks just like a tail" oh my.....think about it for a minute....you'll catch on!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

She's too cute for her own good...

oh my.....my little girl is getting so big. Her Aunt Kelcy bought her a new outfit and fixed her hair different. Of course i thought it was a picture worthy event. She was really showing out for me. I think they are precious! The pics were taken on my moms front porch!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

4th of July fun!

We spent Friday at the lake with some of Adam's family and spent Saturday morning shopping. After shopping Adam decided he needed to salvage was was left of the 4th. He went and bought a slip-n-slide and some fireworks. Henley loved the slip-n-slide but didnt care so much for the fireworks. She kept asking if she could go inside and watch Barney on the couch. haha! We finally caved and let her go in and watch tv while Adam and I shot the rest of the fireworks by ourselves. haha!

Here she is assuming the position!

She is a little scared..haha!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

I understand I am pregant but why does my nose have to be....

I have added two more pictures from the beach. Seriously, when you get pregnant....why does your nose start to look pregnant as well? I really hate that.....so not attractive. This was the only family picture that we took while at the beach. I know its sad.....I am telling you it wasn't that great of a trip! Below is a picture of Henley....she was trying to be a little model. She was showing out for me. My little girl is just getting so big, it makes me sad!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

the 3 1/2 Nicholsons go to the beach...

Well, our trip to Orange beach wasn't the best trip we have ever taken to say the least.

I will just list a few things that went wrong. I can't tell you all the stories....it would take way too long.

*Thursday night our hotel in Foley just had a hole in the door for a peep hole. (you could peep in or out)
*Friday the realty company gave us the wrong room keys and moved us after we had already moved our stuff in.
*Henley had a cold....she coughed all night every night!
*Sunday Adam got sick deep sea fishing.....jumped off the boat and swam to shore! haha!
*My car broke down while the guys were fishing and me, my mom, and Henley had to catch a cab. haha!
*Henley screamed the whole way home.....she just didnt feel good.
*My mom and Adam caught whatever Henley has
* I am 31 weeks pregnant and was way too hot everywhere I went.

This is just a little of what went wrong. I will post some pics to show that we were having fun at times. Henley loved the sand, playing in the ocean, and pool. She also liked the ferris wheel at the Warf! THERE'S ALWAYS NEXT YEAR!!!!