Friday, August 27, 2010

the youngest turns one...

Wow, I can't believe Harper Leslie is one now. This makes me so sad to think my baby girl is already one. The just grow too fast. Well, when Harper was younger...I so thought she was going to be my laid back, easy going baby. Boy, was I wrong. She is just the opposite. She gets more like her big sister everyday. They are both full of "red headed attitude" You have no clue unless you have a red head yourself. Hahaha! I wouldn't have it any other way though to be honest. She is always so a happy baby and always keeps her momma laughing. As far as milestones go at one: she is walking, saying a few words, and coloring now. Yes, coloring...they do that at daycare.

Below are some pictures from her birthday party that we had at our house. 1st and last party at my house...might I add. Lets just say it was an outside water party until an Alabama Summer Thunderstorm decided it wanted to hit 770 Glenn Chapel.

She didnt get too messy with the cake...which i am soft of glad because her cake tasted awesome. Mommy and Daddy finished it off!

Harper and Henley....they love each other so much. Henley aggravates Harper to death and is pretty rough with her. I just hope Henley knows her time is coming. Its just a matter of time before Harper will be able to attack....she already slaps her but Henley just thinks she's playing.

Adam's mom and I made all the ladybug cupcakes and a friend made the cake...all so cute!

An outfit and bow she got from Lisa, Glazer, and lil' J Man! So So precious!