Wednesday, February 11, 2009

baby update and ear update!

Well, I went back to the doctor on Monday and everything looks great! Baby is no longer a dot on the ultrasound. I actually saw toes.....that is about all i could make out though. haha!
Well, Henley is not the one with the ear infection now. I woke up Friday night in SEVERE pain with my ear. Adam went to the store and bought me tylenol (only thing i can take while PG) in the middle of the night and put some ear drops in my ear. I have an AWESOME husband! that didnt help the least bit. Thanks for trying!!! I actually couldn't take the pain any longer and drove myself to the ER. say the least! The wait was 3 or more i just went back home.
Today i went to see an ENT and he says that i am getting ear infections from Henley. Never thought that was possible. He said maybe now that she has tubes, my ear infections may get better. Did i mention this was my 2nd one in 3 months. If the ear infections continue.......I WILL HAVE TO HAVE TUBES TOO....hahaa! Maybe i will not be posting pics of the nurses wheeling me off in a little red wagon into surgery like they did Henley.
Hope everyone has a great V-day!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

our weekend....

Henley loves the trampoline.....there is no way I could stand all that static in my hair! My plan was to take a nice Saturday nap but all I could hear was Henley and Adam outside laughing and jumping and I couldn't resist going to spend some time with them outside and taking some pictures. I must say.....i did take some good ones!
This is her Schwinn tricycle that her Uncle Kev and Aunt Kelcy got her for Christmas. She drives it like Fred Flinstone.....she will not use the pedals....even though this picture looks like she is really into it!

Henley loves to ride with her Daddy. I think Mommy goes a little too fast for her! Yes, Henley has on a Christmas shirt. I bet you can't guess who dressed her. Anytime Adam dresses her he has to make sure it looks ridiculous.

Also, one last thing......We went for a check up today after having tubes put in. They said her ears looked fantastic and her hearing was back to normal. Praise God!!! He never fails to answer a prayer! I prayed that her attitude would go away too....haha! That "Red Headed" attitude is here to stay....who am I kidding!