Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Baby Harper update...

So I went to the doctor yesterday and spread the word to my doctor that I am miserable at 29 weeks. I feel like I have gained 100lbs instead of the 10lbs I have really gained. When Dr. Stone went to measure my tummy....he just simply said "huh" as in surprised. He said I am measuring ahead of schedule but didnt really say how ahead. He said he will do another ultrasound at 36 weeks to schedule a date. I am thinking it will be at 38 weeks! Which is August 17th....which is my Mom's birthday! At first he wanted me to wait until 39 weeks but he is taking into consideration that Henley was 9.3 when she was born and that was at 38 weeks.
So, I am counting down the days.......I am ready for this baby girl to get her. Actually just ready to get her out of my tummy. We dont have the room completely like I want it or dont have near the clothes I will need. I still can't believe I didnt save any of Henley's clothes. CRAZY!!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A day at the lake with the Griswold's...

A day at the lake is always exciting with us. The first trip this summer we thought we were in the clear with nothing going wrong. As we were leaving Smith lake, we approached a stop sign and people started honking at us and a car pulled up beside us to let us know our intertube flew out about a mile back and that cars had to swerve not to hit it. Great!!!!! Did I mention that Natalie (15 years old) was driving behind us......oh how the Granny and Grandaddy Nicholson butts pucker! Adam kept calling his dad "Pucker Butt" Props to Alana for saving the U-tube and carrying it on her back like a turtle shell. I have attached a few pics! Besides our small disaster at the was a great day at the lake. Eli of course was a perfect baby and Henley did really well. Oh I can't blog about the lake and not mention the "puddle jumper" that Henley is wearing. Yes, best investment of the summer. Thanks, Tiffany for blogging about them!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Heaven will never be the same....

Last week we lost a very special family member. Grandaddy (Adam's Grandaddy) was diagnosed with lung cancer just over a month ago and we never would have thought we would have to say goodbye so soon. Heaven will truly never be the same now that he's there! I can't go into to much detail because I dont want to start crying at work. I posted one of the sweetest pictures of him and 4 of 7 of his great grand children that he ABSOLUTELY loved to death.

I have so many great memories of him playing with Henley. I pray that she will never forget him! I want to say thanks to all our friends and family that have said a little prayer for us during this time. Trust me, your prayers were felt!